Welcome Home, Homebody

As most of you probably know, Michael and I just finished our trek from WI to NH only a few weeks ago. I don't know about you, but this homebody tends to daydream of what her home will be once it's all set up… not the unpacking process.

So, as you can imagine, once our truck was unloaded and our living room was jammed with boxes that survived the move (and the ones that weren't so lucky), the overwhelm started to kick in.

Thankfully, with the help of some very dear friends, the unpacking process was less daunting than it first seemed! With the majority of things unpacked and put… somewhere, I was able to focusing on making our little apartment feel more like home!

First step, where to put the couch and chairs (duh). After moving our furniture all over the place to find the perfect flow, the next step was making sure the pants were placed somewhere they hopefully wouldn't die. After a quick trip to Ikea, everything was coming together quite nicely!

Finally, Michael built us a bookshelf, and we hid the rest of the boxes on the porch to be dealt with another day! 

Overall, we are excited for all of the new adventures that are coming our way, but for now, this homebody is just happy to be Home!  

I hope you enjoyed this mini "home tour!"

*PSA: Photos were taken when house was clean, if you visit our home and expect it to look this nice, you may by disappointed. ;)

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New Hampshire

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