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Updated: Feb 6

I am so thankful for the opportunity to second shoot again for Gigi Boucher Photography! Sam and James' Wedding was so beautiful! Surrounded by friends and family and in her own backyard! What an incredible opportunity to tie the knot somewhere to precious!

Now, on to the main event...

Three Wedding Day Tips for the Introverted Bride

As an introvert, being in front of a crowd is one of my greatest fears! I am usually able to compartmentalize the experience; however, I can have a difficult time relaxing in those situations. And on my wedding day, I did not want to be nervous in front of everyone. So if you’re an introvert like me, here are three tips I reminded myself that helped me to relax and truly enjoy every part of my day! And I hope they help you cherish every part of your wedding day as well!

Wedding Day Tip Number ONE:

Remember why you are getting married in the first place.

First, remember why you are going through with this. You’ve found the love of your life and are pledging yourself to each other for the rest of time! This fact is SO exciting! And it’s the very reason WHY we do this!

Wedding Day Tip Number TWO:

Remember who you put on your guest list (and why).

Second, remember why you chose to invite the people you did. One of my favorite things about my wedding was that ALL of my friends and family (who could make it) were all in the same place at time same time-- like ALL of my favorite people all in one place (that NEVER happens!) but for one day in my entire life, it did. And THAT was incredible!

Wedding Day Tip Number THREE:

Remember this is a once in a lifetime experience

Finally, remember you only get to do this ONCE so, I know you may be nervous, but enjoy it! Soak it all up and get EVERYTHING you can out of the day. Like I said this only happens once! If you want to dance the night away-do it. If you want to eat 3 slices of cake, EAT IT ALL! Don't hold anything back!

I hope these three little tips help you refocus and relax on your wedding day! Everyone is so excited for you! Soak it up!

Bonus Tip:

This one is for EVERYONE: If someone packs food for you and stashes it in your getaway car-make sure someone tells you! Otherwise it probably won't be enjoyed by the happy couple and will, instead, be a smelly surprise for an unfortunate individual...

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