Candis: Senior Session | How to Have Fun While Getting Your Photos Taken

Updated: Feb 6

I absolutely enjoyed my time with Candis. She is so kind, and we laughed pretty hard together! Actually, laughing is something I do a lot with my clients!

I'm not going to lie, having your photo taken can be pretty uncomfortable for a lot of people (even me) and laughter is the best remedy for nerves.

It's not always easy to make people laugh, but I'm usually doing or saying something stupid so that helps-- I may not be a dad, but my dad jokes are on point. And 20 min or so into the shoot, hopefully you aren't thinking about how awkward you feel, but how crazy I am!

My goal as a photographer is to help you relax, so we can capture the true smiles, joy, laughter, and love you possess. I want you to feel good! I want you to know you are beautiful! And most importantly , I want you to relax and enjoy yourself! Having your photo taken doesn't have to be scary or awkward--it really has the potential to be quite fun.

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New Hampshire

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