Emily + Tyler | Their Beginning

While in high school, Emily and Tyler met at camp. She was volunteering, and he was a camper. Part of her responsibilities as a volunteer was to help with food service during meals. Tyler just happened to go though her line on burger night, and she gave him a piece of lettuce for his burger. Unsatisfied with what he was given, Tyler asked for more. Emily instructed him that in oder to get more he would have to go back to the end of the line so they could make certain every camper who wanted a piece of lettuce could get some. He tried with all of his cunning to convince her to give him another piece of lettuce, but she would not relent. So, back to the end of the line he went.

After that first encounter each time Tyler saw Emily on the campsite he would ask her for some lettuce. Which, overtime wore on Emily's patience. Finally the week had ended and Tyler went home. Only to return the next week for another week of camp. Whereupon spotting Emily, he quickly made a b-line to her to ask for some lettuce. To which she replied:

"oh, are you the 'lettuce guy' who was bothering my twin sister last week?!"

Confused, and not realizing she didn't have a twin, he left her alone.


Over the years, Emily and Tyler's families stayed in touch and a friendship between the two was born.

*Flash forward*

Tyler's family moved to Emily's town, and the two began to build a stronger friendship.

And then the romance began

not all of a sudden

and not rushed,

but slowly

like an icicle


in the afternoon


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