JEANETTE & KEITH | Burdoc Farms, Rainy Wedding Day

Nothing. Absolutely nothing could dampen Keith and Jeanette’s wedding day. Not even the thunderstorm that rolled on in while their portraits were being taken.

We were staying out in the field when I saw the storm clouds rolling in. I knew I was working on limited time before the deluge hit us. Keith and Jeanette didn't seem to care. When The bridal party dashed for cover, Keith and Jeanette walked slowly back to the venue. They were so wrapped up in their love for each other they had to stop to share a kiss under the arbor by the pond before they finally took cover from the rain. Thankfully, the storm passed quickly so we were able to pop out side for a few more portraits and a fireworks show!

Their unconditional love and their commitment to one another is unmatched. I can honestly say, I have never met two people so in love and so incredibly kind, sweet, and generous as Keith and Jeanette.

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New Hampshire

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