Nothing is more magical than a walk on a sparkle-snow evening with your best friend and returning home with a fiancé.

When our (my husband Michael's and my) good friend Marc asked us to help him capture this special moment between him and Maddie we couldn't be more excited! But first, we needed a un-hackable code, so Maddie wouldn't be any wiser. So, what did we come up with?! French fries. Yes, french fries. This was probably the one any only time my love for french fries has significantly paid off to the benefit of others. You see, Marc works for a food company and when the samples don't get used up and his freezer is getting too full...we benefit. He's basically my french fry supplier... 0: )

My hubs and I parked in downtown MKE and found a hiding spot and waited....and waited...and waited.... FINALLY we spotted them walking down the sidewalk. Maddie was making a b-line for a coffeeshop (and warmth--it was FREEZING!) when Marc had to "tie his shoe."

Nothing is more magical than seeing the man you adore on one knee, holding a ring, and asking if you'll spend forever with him.

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